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 Vasiliki Vassiliki HOME FOR SALE 
Vasiliki, Vassiliki
Тип недвижимости: Detached Цена: €420,000
Справочный номер недвижимости: 110315 Спальни: 5 

A large modern house set in well maintained grounds, close to all amenities including world famous beach of Vasiliki

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 Geni Nydri HOME FOR SALE 
Geni, Nydri
Тип недвижимости: Home Цена: €360,000
Справочный номер недвижимости: 2155 Спальни: 2 

170sqm house on a 1200sqm plot. Well designed complete two floor building, with third floor unfinished.

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, Fterno
Тип недвижимости: Plots Цена: €310,000
Справочный номер недвижимости: 1023

Exceptional view as shown on the front page of National Geographic. Existing building permission and plans for house.

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 Vlycho Nydri PLOT FOR SALE 
Vlycho, Nydri
Тип недвижимости: Plots Цена: €330,000
Справочный номер недвижимости: 1028

A unique waterfront plot boasting some of the oldest trees in the area.

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  Agios Nikitas PLOT FOR SALE 
, Agios Nikitas
Тип недвижимости: Plots Цена: €420,000
Справочный номер недвижимости: 1046

Excellent commercial opportunity.

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 Ammousso Vassiliki PLOT FOR SALE 
Ammousso, Vassiliki
Тип недвижимости: Plots Цена: €450,000
Справочный номер недвижимости: 1069

This is a beautiful hillside set in outstanding countryside offering panoramic sea view.

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 Ammousso Vassiliki PLOT FOR SALE 
Ammousso, Vassiliki
Тип недвижимости: Plots Цена: €490,000
Справочный номер недвижимости: 1070

FOR SALE as parcels of 4000sqm priced at 80,000 euros.

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